Brief Background Who we are;

Integrated Community Voluntary Development program of Kenya [ICVDK] is a registered NGO based in Nairobi, Kenya where its head quarters are located. We are registered with the NGO Board under certificate number:OP.218/051/2007/0521/5154. Our focus is to empower the community through volunteer placements both locally and internationally to help build capacities for various community based projects in Kenya.
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Get Insight Of What We Do From A Past Participant;

Hi, my name is Kilian Land from Germany who volunteered with ICVD program from 2009-2010 at the Bella Rehabilitation centre in Nairobi. I helped in teaching the pupils various life skills and assisted in the construction of classes. I found many challenges in this centre as many parents can not afford the school fees and the centre relies on regular donations in order to provide for the pupils with food, education materials, and shelter for those residing at the centre.

I enjoyed my stay as most of the people I interacted with were friendly and keen to support me as a volunteer where required. The pupils were great and cooperative,they used to call me Mzungu out of excitement. I believe I impacted positively to this centre and believe that the pupils here will attain their goal for good education. I would recommend any volunteer to participate in this wonderful centre in Nairobi. Attached is my photo with some pupils. Thanx Bella Rehabilitation centre for your cooperation. I WISH YOU WELL IN FUTURE.

Kilian Land above(standing right with the white hood) seen here in the field with staff & students of the program.

Why Volunteer With Us;

When you volunteer in our projects in Kenya, you are giving something valuable back to the Kenyan Communities by lending a helping hand to people and the projects that is in need of your support. The time and skills you share at a project is of great value to the community as you bring in much needed experience to deserving projects.

The goal of a volunteer is to motivate, stimulate, facilitate, and encourage the local community projects to fight against poverty and enhancing mutual and harmonious partnership among the peoples of this world, with this in mind you will be able to challenge your capacity and potential by volunteering in Kenya.

Volunteer Opportunities;

We encourage individual/group membership for those who would like to share their skills and time with our program through our internship program especially for international volunteers who wish to volunteer in Kenya.
Membership "Morality is only moral when it is voluntary ."
Lincoln Steffens
Our projects seek to enhance and achieve the objectives of the organization through various intervention methods creatively.